She is incredibly beautiful. That is all.
Having some fun. :)
a ring of CFL's to light this geek. :P

Model: Kyra

HMUA: Ashley Dooley
Catching some natural light with my 50mm 1.4 ai on the D800 in Calgary, AB
just doin my thing with some amazing talent.

model: Orysia
Hijacked Mitchell Kranz's shoot today! Muahahahahaha! Kyra rockin my Rokinon

MUA: Artistry by Bobi
Model: Kyra
Edward, Erin, Ashley and I killin it at Jariso Studios. :)
Picked up a 30+ year old 50mm 1.4 ai lens off Ebay and thought I would put it to use on my modern day D800.  They go together beautifully. 

Model: Parmida
We had about a 10 min window to capture this shot as the sun went down behind the skyrises.  This is all lit by the sun bouncing off the skyrise windows and down into the alley.

Check out the <a href="">BTS video. :) </a>

Model: Bailey
Video: Adam Styles
and they say cats don't like water. :P

 <a target='_blank' href="">BTS Video</a>
A splash of fashion and beauty at Jariso.
The Great Sand Hills
a portrait.
Teaching a workshop... thought I would share some results of the day. :)
fun times in the studio

setup shot <a href="">HERE</a>
<a href="">Facebook</a>
Using my fav lens these days... the Rokinon 35mm on the Nikon D800.  Fluorescent continuous lights from Home Depot.  This girl is amazing for portrait work!  Very little skin work required and the detail is phenomenal at 36mp.

Model: Leah
MUA: Artistry by Bobi

Jariso Studios in Calgary, AB
Taking a less destructing editing approach here with some frequency techniques.  DIY ring light.

MUA: Artistry by Bobi
Model: Leah
Playing around in the studio with some continuous lights.  I tossed a lot of curves at this image in PS to get it this way.  I'm really happy with it. 

Model: Parmida
another beauty portrait with the ringlight. :)
Pulled the lights outside for some portraits... wasn't easy because I had the wrong size filter thread on my ND filter so I was holding it in front while trying to manual focus.